Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) will host its annual mega event ‘Muktotsav 2021’ from the 16th to 19th December 2021.
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New Delhi,
Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) - India’s leading organisation specializing in Diabetes Reversal will host its annual mega event ‘Muktotsav 2021’ from the 16th to 19th December 2021. The event will celebrate individuals who have successfully reversed diabetes among other lifestyle related disorders through FFD’s unique programme. However more importantly, it aims to inspire others who hope to free themselves from diabetes and for this, the four-day event is being organised at no cost for anyone interested in participating. Participants can attend the event online by registering at The highlight of this year’s event will be a session addressed by the renowned physician, diabetologist and author - Professor Roy Taylor who revolutionised treatment for type-2 diabetes. Professor Taylor will talk to participants about his personal experience with diabetics from around the world; encourage diabetics to take control of their lives and free themselves from diabetes.
The event will also have distinguished personalities from the field of science and medicine. Dr. Mukesh Batra - founder of Dr. Batra's group; Dr. Ali Irani - Head of Department for Physiotherapy at Nanavati Hospital and Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar - Fellow of Royal Society will talk to participants over the four days of the event.

“537 million adults around the world are living with diabetes and this number is estimated to rise to 643 million by 2030. In India alone, more than 77 million adults are living with diabetes and this number is estimated to increase to 134 million by 2045. The unfortunate part is that 57 percent of cases remain undiagnosed and this is even more troubling. At Muktotsav, while we celebrate the success of individuals who have reversed diabetes, our larger objective is to raise awareness amongst those who may be undiagnosed as well as those who want to free themselves from diabetes,” says Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Founder, FFD.

“Prof Roy Taylor has made great strides in the field and has helped millions of people across the world free themselves of diabetes. It was his pioneering effort that type-2 diabetes, which was thought to be an incurable and lifelong condition; could be reversed. It is a privilege and an honor to have Prof Taylor join us in our annual Muktotsav event. We want everyone to benefit from his vast knowledge on the subject and so, FFD is inviting anyone who may be interested to participate in the event,” he adds.

Over the four days, FFD will felicitate and reward such individuals who have reversed diabetes and passed the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). The event will also felicitate other achievers and their families who managed to lose significant weight and those who could end dependency on medicines. GTT is a medical test in which glucose is given and blood samples are taken afterward to determine how quickly it is cleared from the blood.

“In 2016, we had 23 individuals who passed the GTT, and today in 2021, the number has risen to a whopping 204 individuals who have successfully passed the test. In 2016, we had 520 diabetics registered with us under the Intensive Reversal program and this year, the number has increased to 6725. While it is concerning that the number of people diagnosed with diabetes is rapidly increasing each year, we also take consolation in the fact that more and more diabetics are approaching us in the early stages of their condition. The earlier one decides to act on diabetes, the better are their chances of effectively reversing it. Over the last seven years, FFD has helped over 11,000 individuals reverse their diabetes and we are on a mission to free 100,000 diabetics by 2025,” concludes Dr. Tripathi.

‘Muktotsav’, a blend of two words - Mukti meaning freedom and Utsav meaning festival or celebration signifies diabetics’ triumph over their condition.

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