Chocolate and perfume may trigger migraine

triggerMore over the time we think that migraine is conditional or situation based problem, when things do not goes according to us it leads to migraine. But misconception of disease is equal to wrong treatment. According to World Psychiatrist Association more then 80% people treat migraine without consulting to any physician. Pain killer is for just a time being treatment not proper cure. ‘if migraine occur more then two or three times in a week then it has to be diagnosed in proper way” says Amarjeet singh, Divine Energy healer of Divine healing center Green park New Delhi. He says some things may trigger migraine it depend up to person to person. chocolate, perfume, bright light, Alcohol and changing of weather may trigger migraine, two or three session of healing may cure migraine without any medicine, Which include control over breathing. person tend to control over his or her breathing. after session he or she does not need to go to any psychiatrist or physician. Sharing her experience to Sehat 365 Pallavi Arora says it was much hectic for her to handle both house hold work and office responsibility all together, once she realise that she often got migraine while being in contact with bright. She then went to healing center and only 3 months healing gives her relax not to take any medicine further, Divine Energy Healer Amarjeet singh says any of problem should not cure by self medicine its better to consult then to not to diagnose always that may lead to serious health problems

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