Man turn off WiFi to get Sex from wife

we’re all accustomed to vegging out after a long day at work with our cell phones in hand, scrolling through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. But one Reddit user was sick of his wife’s social media habit. So he decided to get her to pay attention to him and his “needs” by turning off the Wi-Fi in their house so that she had “no other option but to have sex with him.
Reddit user jazz_man posted that he set up his home router so that he can control it from his phone. That way, he can easily turn Wi-Fi access in the house on or off, preventing his wife from playing with the Internet when he wants her to play with him instead. The post was accompanied by this meme:
While this may seem like an extreme form of seduction (or coercion?), other Reddit users actually chimed in to say they agree with his tactic; some even wrote that they’ve used similar strategies to get laid.
Others, however, suggested that the user just, you know, talk to his wife about their lackluster sex life.
Source: Women’sHealth

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