Navel therapy by Amax Consumer Health Care Prayagraj

Amax Consumer Health Care is country’s leading company. its deals with pure herbal Ayurveda products, Main thing is that most of the medicine are consumed by Navel therapy, (more…)

Kidney disease are preventable- Dr. Manish Malik

#Kidney Diseases are preventable, People are getting more renal problems, and Various reasons are behind them. In metro cities, water is the main reason. People should know, (more…)

Breast Reduction surgery conducted at Sir Gangaram Hospital


A 60 years old female from UAE who had extremely huge breasts, was suffering from severe backache, pain in the neck, difficulty in walking, excessive pressure on the shoulder due to bra straps, (more…)

When we should opt Cosmetic Surgery

Many people are now opt for cosmetic surgery and filler, LNJP Hospital offers it free of cost to all, so that there is huge que of patient. HOD Cosmetic surgery Dr. P.s Bhandari is telling more about.