5 Tips to be monsoon ready

monsoonWe in Delhi NCR, witnessed first hand, in the last week of July, what chaos a downpour of rain can create, in an already faltering infrastructure. Stories of people actually being stranded in their cars from the previous evening to the next morning do exist!

While we cannot control what the local administration or for that matter even fellow citizens do to prevent the chaos on the roads during the monsoons, here are a few simple things we can undertake ourselves, to stay safe and be monsoon ready.

1. Make your vehicle monsoon ready: Rains, mud, and water logging can take a toll on the tyres, car battery, and mud-flaps. Before the onset of monsoons ensure the tyres are in good condition, get the battery and charging system checked for optimum performance. Ensure mud-flaps, wipers, air conditioning and defroster are in optimal working condition. Lights, oil and filter should be checked regularly. Always drive with enough fuel in the vehicle, and at least a half if not full tank during the monsoons. It is a good idea to keep a tow rope in the car incase you are stuck in the mud and need to be towed out.

2. Get a Safety app: There are range of Apps available today to help you drive through unforeseen situation. Download Apps like Google Maps, One Touch Response on your phone. In case of any emergency, you can reach out to them for any direct or indirect assistance you may need.

3. Be self-sufficient: During monsoon one may get stuck on the road for long hours. It is advisable to carry your essential medications, first aid kit, flashlight, torch light, bottled water, dry food & snacks, tissues, mobile charger/phone back-up, umbrella etc. in your car for dealing with such situations.

4. Spare set of clothes/footwear: A spare set of clothes, towels, footwear are incredibly valuable in cases one gets totally drenched in the rain and has to drive back a long distance. Sitting/driving wet is never a good idea, as that can lead to infection or fever. A good practice is to also always keep an umbrella in the car too.

5. Keep your friends and family well informed about your whereabouts: Driving in the monsoons entail long stretches of traffic jams and snarls that can last from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Whatever the case may be, it is always a advised to keep your family, friends, and colleagues informed of your situation so that they are prepared for any delays, and to mobilize help that might be needed depending upon the situation.

As simple as these tips may sound, they can make a night and day difference when emergencies or unforseen circumstances strike. Good luck and stay safe this monsoon!

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