Home healthcare can help Alzheimer’s patients remain independent

20 sep New delhi: The incidence of Dementia continues to rise in India and it is believed that over 3 million people are living with the condition in the country. A World Health Organization (WHO) report on Alzheimer’s disease (the most common form of dementia) states that this number is expected to double in about 20 years’ time. On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s day it is important to consider the important role of home healthcare in the management and care of patients living with Alzheimer’s.
Portea Medical offers comprehensive and effective home healthcare solutions to patients in over 16 cities around the country. The services are aimed at helping them regain their independence and relieving care-givers of the everyday difficulties of extending care to patients.
Speaking on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, Dr. M Udaya Kumar Maiya, Medical Director, Portea Medical said, “Care-givers to Alzheimer’s patientsmay need to cope with behavior such as aggression, agitation, forgetfulness etc. Acute cases of Alzheimer’s might also see patient experiencing paranoia or becoming hysterical. Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient is a 24×7 job; it can be extremely stressful and take an emotional and physical toll on the care-giver. Under these extremely stressful conditions, the care-giver may decide to move the patient to an appropriate care facility. Home healthcare services offered by organisations such as Portea Medical can offer help and medical intervention by providing care in the comforts of the patient’s home. This can help the patient regain some degree of independence and lessen the strain on their families”.
“It is also an established fact that home healthcare nursing lowers the rate of hospitalization and transfers to nursing homes”, added Dr Maiya.
Newer and better designed models of healthcare are being introduced in India to cater to expanding requirements. Doctors, nurses, nursing attendants and physiotherapists visit the patient’s home periodically, and medical equipment, diagnostic services and medicines can be provided at the patients’ doorstep. Care-givers can be at peace with the fact that their loved ones are in the able hands of professionals and are looked after with compassion and excellence. Not only do these professionals take care of the patients at home, they also provide updatesto family members (who may not be present at the same location), about the condition of the patient.
The services provided by the in-home healthcare companies include timely administration of oral medication, assistance in ambulation (moving the patient around) and cleaning, grooming, bathing of the patient. In addition, monitoring of the patient’svitals (blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, etc.), physiotherapy, oxygen and stoma care can also be provided at home.
Availing services from these established organisations that have specialised clinicians saves patients the bother of making countless visits to hospitals to carry out their routine tests. Also, medical appointments can be scheduled at the patient’s convenience. Further, accessing in-home health care services saves time and can work out to be more affordable than other options. Well trained, motivated and compassionate nurses and nursing attendants improve the quality of life of the Alzheimer’s patients and treat them with the dignity they deserve.
While Alzheimer’s disease has no cure, the option of home healthcare allows patients to receive appropriate care at home under the able guidance of professionals.

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