They heal the emotion, not by medicine with counseling

New Delhi,

Mr. Rohit (38) works in a multinational company, in the post of Assistant manager, holding a respectable amount of salary. The salary he has withdrawn from the company was much higher than the remaining colleague’s. On one sunny day, he was thinking about his future planning, pondering his financial management, his life insurance policies, EMI, education loan, and many more, suddenly his BP goes down, and he feels breathless. Soon after he fainted. Office Peon rushes to him and offers a cup of coffee.

When he comes back to the office, He sits down calmly and takes his daily medicine of BP. He knows that his emotion and worries about life were the core reason for his irregular BP.  Most of the time, we failed to notice this hidden attack of Negative emotions, which later on leads to Heart disease. It not only affects our health but of course, our quality of life as well. What exactly we all should do?

We have all materialistic things to cherish in our life, Expect real happiness, and where it would come from? Well know Healer and Life coach Mr. Amarjeet Singh says “hardly we accept that getting materialistic is not the assurance of us becoming happy. Most of the time, we failed to spend quality time with our dearest and nearest one, while being there at home we think about office work, and this irregular work unsatisfaction leads us to be unhappy. At the very beginning point, Worries first loses control over emotion and the continuous imbalance of emotions ends up in chakra imbalance.

To be happy is necessary to be cool, calm, and still of Breath. But it is not much easy, while pertaining to be perfect, We always failed to be happy. High and low BP is the root cause of all diseases, which may end up in Heart attack also. Healing can cure our Emotional imbalance and maintain all Eight chakras. It can be used in every aspect of life and also have a positive effect on chronic disease like BP, migraine, lack of concentration, and many more.

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